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Standard Legend Plates

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The following legend plates are designed to mount to the single or double plunger pushbuttons and ring guards. Legend Plates are made from clear anodized aluminum with black lettering.

Legend Plates are NOT included in the price of devices.
To Order Legend Plates:
Specify the 5 digit plate number plus the 3 digit suffix number from the chart below. Example: “START” = 09001-005
Specify the 5 digit plate number plus the suffix number -000 plus your special marking. Example: “BY-PASS” = 09001-000


These products should only be used where point-of-operation guarding devices have been properly installed & maintained so that appropriate OSHA and ANSI B11.1 regulations & standards are met.  Misapplication of the products on machinery lacking effective point-of operation safeguards can cause serious injury to the operator of that machinery.



Ces produit doivent seulement être utilisés sur des postes à risque correctement sécurisés et entretenus afin d’être conforme aux standards et régulations en vigueur (CSA, CLC). Un mauvais usage de ces produits sur des machines et des postes de travail non sécurisés de manière efficace peut causer des blessures graves au technicien maniant ces machines.

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Used on

09001-000 (Custom Lettering) Single Plunger Switches
09001-001 (Blank) Single Plunger Switches
09001-002 OFF Single Plunger Switches
09001-003 STOP Single Plunger Switches
09001-004 EMERGENCY STOP Single Plunger Switches
09001-005 START Single Plunger Switches
09001-006 ON Single Plunger Switches
09001-007 RUN Single Plunger Switches
09001-008 INCH Single Plunger Switches
09001-009 RESET Single Plunger Switches
09001-010 JOG Single Plunger Switches
09001-011 OPEN Single Plunger Switches
09001-012 CLOSE Single Plunger Switches
09001-013 UP Single Plunger Switches
09001-014 DOWN N/A Single Plunger Switches
09001-015 RAISE Single Plunger Switches
09001-016 LOWER Single Plunger Switches
09001-021 FORWARD Single Plunger Switches
09001-022 REVERSE Single Plunger Switches
09001-023 TOP STOP N/A Single Plunger Switches
09002-000 (Custom Lettering) Double Plunger Switches & Ring Guards
09002-001 (Blank) Double Plunger Switches & Ring Guards
09002-002 OFF Double Plunger Switches & Ring Guards
09002-003 STOP Double Plunger Switches & Ring Guards
09002-004 EMERGENCY STOP Double Plunger Switches & Ring Guards
  Results 1 - 25 of 72 1 2 3 
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