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The following “slack cable” style switch has 1 NO and 1 NC contact.   This switch is particularly competent for use in Emergency Stop applications as well as for ordinary circuit control.


The housing is made from high quality die-cast aluminum and powder coated painted red. 


·        Manual reset with “Positive Break” contacts

·        Gold plated contacts eliminate high resistance tarnishing

·        Nema 12/13, IP 65

·        May be mounted for right or left hand pull


Each captive terminal will accept (2) #14 AWG stranded wires.  Each switch is supplied with a santoprene gasket, which provides an oil tight seal upon installation and protects against corrosive environments.


There are two ½” NPT conduit openings.  The maximum cable recommended cable length is 200 feet with a maximum interval support of 10 feet.


The mechanical life of the switch is 150,000 operations.


This switch can be installed on various conveyor installations and provides a constant access for emergency or normal stopping.


The rugged construction and long term reliability makes this cable pull switch well suited to function within various environments.



Electrical Ratings

“HEAVY DUTY – A600 / N300”

Listed under UL 508 – File # E 58589

Certified under CSA C22.2 – File # LR 3648

CE Compliant IEC/EN 60947-5-1

Third party certified under DEMKO Certificate # D-01474-M1


Environmental Temperature Range

Operating:  +32oF to +131oF (0oC to +55oC)

Storage:  -40oF to +185oF (-40oC to +85oC)

Note:  Operating temperatures at 0oC are based on the absence of freezing moisture and liquids.


Normal Potential

Normal Current

Inrush Current

110-120 aca volts

6.0 amp.

60.0 amp.

220-240 aca

3.0 amp.

30.0 amp.

440-480 aca

1.5 amp.

15.0 amp.

550-600 aca

1.2 amp.

12.0 amp.

115-125 dcb

2.2 amp.


230-250 dcb

1.1 amp.


a  Power factor 0.35 or less

b  Inductive loads as specified in Section 125 of Industrial

   Control Devices, Controllers and Assemblies, ANSI /

   NEMA ICS 2-1988



These products should only be used where point-of-operation guarding devices have been properly installed & maintained so that appropriate OSHA and ANSI B11.1 regulations & standards are met.  Misapplication of the products on machinery lacking effective point-of operation safeguards can cause serious injury to the operator of that machinery.



Ces produit doivent seulement être utilisés sur des postes à risque correctement sécurisés et entretenus afin d’être conforme aux standards et régulations en vigueur (CSA, CLC). Un mauvais usage de ces produits sur des machines et des postes de travail non sécurisés de manière efficace peut causer des blessures graves au technicien maniant ces machines.

Unit of Measure



N/A Red

Trip Force

N/A 10 lb

Operating Force Between 10 ft. Supports

N/A 1.2 lb

Reset Type

N/A Manual

Contact Arrangement


Old Catalog Number

N/A 2669