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The Palm Switch Guard / Actuator is designed to replace the ring guard on REES palm operated switches. It features sturdy zinc die cast and steel, both are painted with dry powder paint. It has a large operating pad which reduces the activation force on the center of the hand and directly on the ulnar artery and median nerve where they pass through the palm. There is less potential compression to the hand if the outer part of the palm is used to depress the switch. A study by the ergonomic consulting firm “Human Dynamics, Lancaster, OH,” found that both resistance and travel play important roles in control design. Travel provides the user with sense of movement and position. When associated with resistance, such movement provides tactile feedback about control activation.This feedback helps the operators perception and increases accuracy, safety and efficiency. Tactile feed back lets the operator know that the switch has been activated because they can ‘feel’ the switch working. On switching devices without feedback operators tend to push harder causing muscle fatigue and increasing the risk of injury. Also, a comfortable and lower trip force is created by the mechanical advantage of the actuator’s design.


These products should only be used where point-of-operation guarding devices have been properly installed & maintained so that appropriate OSHA and ANSI B11.1 regulations & standards are met.  Misapplication of the products on machinery lacking effective point-of operation safeguards can cause serious injury to the operator of that machinery.



Ces produit doivent seulement être utilisés sur des postes à risque correctement sécurisés et entretenus afin d’être conforme aux standards et régulations en vigueur (CSA, CLC). Un mauvais usage de ces produits sur des machines et des postes de travail non sécurisés de manière efficace peut causer des blessures graves au technicien maniant ces machines.

Unit of Measure


Approx. Shipping Weight

N/A 4.60 lb

Guard Color

N/A Orange

Operating Pad Color

N/A Yellow