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These taut cable switches are equipped with a positive safety lock and broken cable option.  Once actuated, they cannot be accidentally reset causing dangerous equipment to restart.  The broken cable option feature ensures actuation even if the cable is broken or cut. 


There is one electrical connection inside eliminating the double electrical connections typically required in two ended units employing a separate micro switch for cable in each direction.  This style has extension springs (included with switch), attached to opposite ends of the pull cable, which maintain the cable under constant tension. 


The switch is mounted so that it is centered between the end springs which minimizes any cable length changes caused by temperature changes.  The operating handle is held in the center vertical position with the internal switch in a normally closed condition.  If the cable is pulled or breaks, the handle rotates to release the switch lever.  The alarm signal is generated for either condition.  The operating handle must be manually reset back to the center position after the cause has been corrected. 


The standard construction of these switches consists of the corrosion resistant aluminum housing complete with stainless steel hardware, red powder coated actuation handle and stainless steel actuation shaft. 


  • Recommended cable length is 100 feet maximum on each end
  • Can be mounted in any position 

The cable should be supported by eyebolts every 10 feet to ensure that the weight of the cable alone will not actuate the switch.


These products should only be used where point-of-operation guarding devices have been properly installed & maintained so that appropriate OSHA and ANSI B11.1 regulations & standards are met.  Misapplication of the products on machinery lacking effective point-of operation safeguards can cause serious injury to the operator of that machinery.



Ces produit doivent seulement être utilisés sur des postes à risque correctement sécurisés et entretenus afin d’être conforme aux standards et régulations en vigueur (CSA, CLC). Un mauvais usage de ces produits sur des machines et des postes de travail non sécurisés de manière efficace peut causer des blessures graves au technicien maniant ces machines.

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